What We Build


Cocktail units, ice wells, glass rinsers, bottle displays, liquor tiers, bar cabinets, countertops, equipment stands, service stations and more.


Work tables, food preparation, mobile tables, cabinets, countertops, built in over shelves and more


Dishtabling, pot-wash sinks, steam hoods, conveyors, dish rack shelving, storage and more.

Shelving & Storage

Wall mount shelves, pot racks, over shelves, wall cabinets, spice shelves, fryer bowl rings and more.


Food prep coolers, line coolers, wine cabinets, chef bases, bar refrigeration, pizza tables and more.

Heated Equipment

Hot food tables, buffet tables, plate cabinets, food pass stations, food holding and more.

Sinks & Sanitation

Prep sinks, hand sinks, pot wash sinks, rinse sinks, mop sinks, floor troughs, recycling centers, laundry cabinets, janitorial cabinets and more.

Outdoor Kitchens

Stainless cabinets, outdoor refrigeration, storage, BBQ inserts, outdoor burners and more.

Construction & Architectural

Utility walls, bar walls, service chaises, wall cladding, handrails, sneeze guards, vanities, corner guards and more.

How can we help?

Your kitchen is one-of-a-kind, but it’s likely the challenges you're facing are not. Take a moment to tell us about your equipment, design or stainless needs. We are here to help.